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The Honeywell Foundation was established in 1941 by industrialist Mark C. Honeywell to oversee the construction of the Honeywell Memorial Community Center.


For 70 years, the Foundation has fulfilled the vision Mr. Honeywell set forth: to provide social, artistic, recreational, and cultural opportunities for everyone. The Honeywell Foundation and its achievements continue to grow. What started as a small group formed to operate a community center has blossomed into a highly-respected arts organization, responsible for the management of the Honeywell Center, Honeywell House, Eagles Theatre, 13-24 Drive In, Charley Creek Gardens, Dr. James Ford Historic Home, and all the specialized programming and events each property offers.


In 2007, the Foundation became a 501(c)3 public charity. The Foundation and its offerings are made possible by the support of over 1300 individual donors and corporate supporters.


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