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Every year, over 40,000 people
participate in Educational, Senior,
and Community Outreach programs
provided by the Honeywell Center?


Ford Theater - Honeywell Center - Wabash, Indiana275 W. Market St. • Wabash IN 46992 260.563.1102

Ford Theater - Honeywell Center - Wabash, Indiana275 W. Market St. • Wabash IN 46992 260.563.1102

Ford Theater - Honeywell Center - Wabash, Indiana275 W. Market St. • Wabash IN 46992 260.563.1102

Kids Write Songs

A project of Operation Respect
Presented by the Honeywell Center Educational Outreach Program

What is Kids Write Songs?
Kids Write Songs is a program created by songwriter Steve Seskin to inspire children to be creative, compassionate, and respectful through songwriting. Seskin travels to schools, presenting songwriting workshops with an anti-bullying platform featuring messages of tolerance and respect.
What is Operation Respect?
Kids Write Songs is a project of Peter Yarrow’s Operation Respect, a program that aims to assure every child has a respectful, safe, and compassionate climate of learning where their academic, social and emotional development are free of bullying, ridicule and violence.
 About Steve Seskin
Steve Seskin is a Grammy-nominated songwriter who has written several number one songs including "Don’t Laugh at Me," the song that was recorded by Peter, Paul, and Mary and inspired Operation Respect.  Steve has also written huge country hits including "No Doubt About It" recorded by Neal McCoy;  "I Think About You" recorded by Collin Raye; "All I Need to Know" recorded by Kenny Chesney, and "Grown Men Don’t Cry" recorded by Tim McGraw.   More info
 How it works
Seskin begins his school visits by visiting individual classrooms where he walks through the process of songwriting.  One class will create a song title and chorus, with other classes writing verses.  The day culminates in a school-wide assembly where Seskin speaks about the impact bullying can have in their schools and how each student can make a difference.  Seskin then performs the completed song with the students.  Seskin’s program is so impactful that many schools adopt the song as their own ‘anthem’ for the year!
The Honeywell Connection
In 2002, the Honeywell Center added Seskin’s program to it’s Educational Outreach lineup.  The Honeywell Center’s generous financial supporters made it possible for Seskin’s program to be offered at NO COST to the schools.  The response was overwhelming!  Students, teachers, and school administration were immediately taken with Seskin.  His message and his ability to connect with the students left the schools asking for more.  He now interacts with more than 5000 students during his annual two-week visit to Northern Indiana.

What makes the Honeywell Center’s relationship with Steve so unqiue is that each and every visit to a classroom is fully funded.  Schools are not charged in any way to participate in a residency presented by the Honeywell Center.  In addition, his program enables schools to fulfill an Indiana state requirement to have a bullying prevention program.  
How you can help!

By making a gift to the Honeywell Center’s Educational Outreach Kids Write Songs Fund, you can ensure that Steve’s program will continue to grow in Indiana schools!  Your tax-deductible gift will give the Honeywell Center the ability to add even more schools to his annual visit.  Consider making a gift and help spread Steve’s message of tolerance to tens of thousands of students every year.

(Please note, when donating via PayPal, you may donate to the general Steve Seskin program, or you may specify a certain city, county, or school that will directly benefit from your contribution.  Simply fill in the information during the donation process.)