Honeywell Foundation
Board of Directors

Steve Ford, Chair
Dave Haist, Vice Chair
Tod Minnich, President / CEO
Sally Krouse, Secretary
Angie Beauchamp
Phyllis Downey
Jerry Ferguson
Amy Ford
Greg Garner
Howard Halderman
Tade Powell
Amy Sullivan



Honeywell Foundation
Life Members

Kim Clark
Larry Curless
Steve Downs
Marilyn Ford
John Forrester
Ken Grandstaff
Tom Hodson
Janet Halderman
Tom Hodson
Pete Jones
Hank Leander
Robert R. McCallen
Ralph Naragon
Naomi Porter
Charles Tiede


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Executive Office

Tod Minnich, President / CEO
260.563.1102 x 1401
Direct line: 260.274.1401

Kara Fulmer, Executive Assistant
260.563.1102 x 1402
Direct line: 260.274.1402

Programming/Clark Gallery

Andrea Zwiebel, Programming
and Clark Gallery Manager
260.563.1102 x 1410
Direct line: 260.274.1410

Teresa Galley, Educational Outreach Manager
260.563.1102 x 1412
Direct line: 260.274.1412

Kayla Sprayue, Program Assistant
260.563.1102 x 1411
Direct line: 260.274.1411

Eugenia’s Restaurant,
Room Rental  & Catering

Brittany Rager, Hospitality
Sales and Event Manager
260.563.1102 x 1420
Direct line: 260.274.1420

Honeywell House

David Ericsson, Manager and Chef

Eagles Theatre & 13-24 Drive In

Vickie Miller, Operating Manager

External Relations

Cathy Gatchel, Vice President of
Development and Marketing
260.563.1102 x 1430
Direct line: 260.274.1430

Ellen Mock, Corporate Relations Manager
260.563.1102 x 1427
Direct line: 260.274.1427

Hayley Beauchamp, Development and
Marketing Communications Manager
260.563.1102 x 1437
Direct line: 260.274.1437

Ann Harting, Marketing Manager
260.563.1102 x 1434
Direct line: 260.274.1434

Becky VanPatten, Creative Services Manager
260.563.1102 x 1435
Direct line: 260.274.1435

Michelle Campbell, Guest Relations Manager
260.563.1102 x 1422
Direct line: 260.274.1422

Leslie Butterbaugh, Development Officer
260.563.1102 x 1429
Direct line: 260.274.1429

Jo Ellen Bradley, Development Coordinator
260.563.1102 x 1428
Direct line: 260.274.1428

Scott Fulmer, Communications Coordinator
260.563.1102 x 1436
Direct line: 260.274.1436

Cody Lee, Guest Relations Associate
260.563.1102 x 1424
Direct line: 260.274.1424

Human Resources/Finance/Facilities

Kyle Dubois, Vice President /  CFO
260.563.1102 x 1405
Direct line: 260.274.1405

Melanie Tart, Finance and HR Manager
260.563.1102 x 1406
Direct line: 260.274.1406

Julie Bowman, Finance and HR Generalist
260.563.1102 x 1407
Direct line: 260.274.1407





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